Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Celebrate Changs' 72nd Birthday with French Country Dancing!

Friday, June 18th

72nd Birthday Anniversary Party
Dancing from 8 - 10:30 pm, $10 per person
Evening ends with potluck and socializing.

Featuring the Traditional French Country Band


LIVE MUSIC from the regions of Auvergne, Gascogne, Alsace, Breton, and Bretagne. This is dance traditionnelle francaise and the rough and ready style involves hurdy-gurdys, cornemuses, vielle, violon, flute, accordeon diatonic, epinette des voges and bagpipes. It is utterly enchanting and must be heard to be believed.

We will dance international folk dances to recorded music between the musicians’ sets.


Gary Breitbard

& Jena Rauti

Dance repertoire includes bouree, gavottes, avant deux,

rigaudon, plinns, mazurkas, waltzes & musettes.

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