Friday, June 15, 2012

Da! Mozhem will be playing for Chang's Folk Dancers on Friday June 15th.
 Friday, June 15th
7 to 8:15ish p.m. dance lesson to live music for families, featuring
lots of fun from the FRoY (Former Republic of Yugoslavia), primarily
Serbian and Croatian dances.

8:30 to 10:30 General dancing from to live music from the Balkans and

Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church
 31st Ave. and Clement (entrance on 31st)
$5 to $10 sliding scale per family

 Questions? Call (415) 310-3217

 If you haven't danced at Chang's before it's a wonderful experience.
Chang's is the oldest folk dance group still active in the US and has a
rich heritage and friendly customs, such as a potluck dinner after the
dance party.  A great place to dance, with a wonderful group which
includes little people, young people, middle aged people and people who
are dancing with grace and style in their 90s!

Check out Da!Mozhem at

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