Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dancing on April 25

Another great time! Michel taught our dancing families, and then we had a great time doing Karamfil, Godecki Cacak, Japanese Soft Shoe, etc. Most of my shots are of the families, but then I got a few nice ones of the grownups, too. Enjoy.

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築夢踏實 said...

Dear Changs:
The photos looks really great.
It's Mark from Taiwan. I danced several times at Changs in 2001 summer.
My wife and I are both folk dancers. We will attend 2008 Mendocino Balkan Music & Dance Workshop. Before that camp, we hope to go to Changs on June 27 again, and my two little daughters will be with us. Shall my family go to dance at Changs on June 27?
In addition, may I ask a question about one of Changs members who names Susan. Her ancestor is from Japan. She is very kind and gave me many favours when I was there. I try to send email to her, but no reply. Would you convey my hello to her? Thanks a lot.
By the way, I found a photo on April 18. A mandam who wore a blue-color skirt danced a couple dance. In my remembrance, she always wears custom clothes and dances very great. Please convey my wish to her,too.
Best regards.
Mark Huang

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